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  • y0ur4veragekid:

    It’s fucked that because i’m a male i’m “meant to go to the gym and be big and muscly” because being skinny is wrong and not male like apparently


Jean-Michel Basquiat
Self portrait, 1983


    Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Self portrait, 1983

    becomin obsessed w 80’s groove 

    Anonymous asks: You post a lot of pictures of that boy?

    crying at that pic

    tomattonmoore asks: how do you make a girl leave you alone?

    idk publicly post there messages ? 


    Underwear / invisible underwear


    Aaliyah - Come Over

    (5,739 plays)
    Anonymous asks: Wtf, why am I blocked on twitter by u? Like I'm soooooooo baffled right now man you've got some issues

    who is this? probably accidental 

    Anonymous asks: R u gay?

    I’m not

    Anonymous asks: What's your sexuality if it's okay for me to ask you?

    I’m straight 

    I love and miss you 

    Anonymous asks: You look a lot like my boyfriend do you know him?

    who is your boyfriend
    that might help your question