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Johanna Grawunder

V&A Installation


    V&A Installation

    Anonymous asks: Nah I didn't mean as in did it turn you into some huge designer going to shows sitting along side Alexander wang etc etc, but does it get you any money at all ? I hope it does man and I hope it works for the bet for you, bc I'm in love with some things on your online shop, just keep working on it man, I can see Alexander shaking YOUR hand some day x

    oh sorry, no not really, I don’t earn a lot off it but I hope it pays rent in the future but THANK YOU, I promise when I’m like 26 and have graduated CSM I’ll still have this blog and I’ll share everything I achieve step by step, LOVE YOU

    brand goals Itokawa Film 

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    hope you all like it

    i’m working on this zacharai pre-fall and it’s the first collection i’ve thoroughly designed and produced properly 


    ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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    Lydia Graham in ‘Dress to Digress’ by Benjamin Mallek for Bite Magazine.

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    Anonymous asks: is zacharai an english name?

    not really, idk where zac originates from